Mailbag -- August 1998 to December 1999

Recent offerings from the Mailbag ...

December 29, 1999

Dear GB.c:
The Fans of the Week December 29th, Reid and Ryanne are beautiful children and their parents should be proud of them, because we are too. Go Boilers -- Reid and Ryanne's Aunt Cindi and Uncle Mikey

Hey, kids --
We're glad to be part of the Love Train -- GB

December 21, 1999

Dear GB.c:
I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! It's my homepage and I don't know what I would do without it! I hope you guys keep it up. I love the pictures you always take and I saw a bunch of ya at a game! What a season it's been for the football team and I am so pumped for the Outback! Do you guys make it to Mackey also? I have never seen ya guys there. Well, keep up the good work and BOILER UP! -- Matt

Oh, yeah, we're at Mackey. We don't always get all our out-of-towners there, though. That's why Mackey, unlike Ross Ade, still has a roof on it. See you there! -- GB

December 12, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Thanks again for putting up the Leroy pix. The Leroy phenomenon has swept America and I attribute his popularity to 2 things: his incredible presence on Slayter Hill and the hyping of Leroy to the vast audience of! I feel that I must inform your fans that Leroy will likely not be making the trip to Tampa. We are however doing the necessary maintenance to make sure that Leroy will be joining us for Rose Bowl 2001. While Leroy won't be at the Outback, the Leroy crew will be in full force. See you all there. Hail Leroy! -- Jason

Jason and the Gang --
Thanks, kids; remember, Leroy will be in our hearts. -- GB

November 14, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Just wanted to let you know that I'm keeping the Boilermaker spirit alive here in WV! GO BOILERS!! And thank God that Brees is staying another year, I guess he wants to win two Heismans. -- Jen and Dan

Jen and Dan --
Thanks, kids; Hope to see Dan doin' the hustle in West Lafayette again real soon. -- GB

November 3, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Just wanted to tell you that Purdue sucks at football. But it is a nice website, too bad it is about Purdue.

P.S. Go IU! -- Jason Roseberry

Jason --
Thanks, man; assume you read this part? -- GB

November 2, 1999

Dear GB.c:
I just wanted to let you all know that you have one of the best jobs in the world -- you get to see and interview players that us basketball players all look up to and idolize. Keep up the great work on the greatest site for the best athletes around! -- Wynter, Future Boilermaker Basketball Player

Wynter --
Thanks, man; don't forget us when you're on the Mackey hardwood ... -- GB

October 22, 1999

Dear GB.c:
I am absolutely in love with this webpage!! Keep up the great work on the page and GO BOILERS!! -- Elliott

Elliott --
Thanks, man; see you at the bowl game! -- GB

October 19, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Give the ball to Leroy, baby. It is the Bomb. It looks cool in the pictures but in person its even better. Congrats to the guys who built it. They are the Super Tailgaters of all time. Its time to take it on the road. BOWL GAME???!!!!! -- Black-n-Gold Bleeder

B-n-G --
Couldn't agree more. Leroy is the truth. -- GB

September 29, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Where can I get a "Who's the man?" t-shirt? Great web site, keep it going. It gives us Purdue grads here in Missouri something to keep us linked to ol' PU! -- Dan Butler, Odessa MO -- Purdue 1988

Dan --
Check it out, dog. And say Hi to Oliver Johnson for us -- GB

September 22, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Hey guys! I had the distinct pleasure of having seats next to y'all at that sleeper in San Antonio against the mildcats. You guys rock. Where can I get a Who's the Man shirt? I have season f-ball tickets in Sec 23 Row 13. Old Foagy central in '98 with the exception of Caroline Peck...weep weep...the cheering in our section is not the same since Super Babe left. I think about the only thing that could return some life to our section is direct BAM intervention. I'm getting tired of reading in the paper how pathetic our fans are. I know if we can get just a few people to carry the message and the life changeing power of BAM to the press box side of the field then who know's maybe a little spark can be lit that will break into a small flame that when mixed with other small flames will make our beloved stadium into a pyre of raw energy devouring all ....sorry the whole fire thing got me going! Any how Since Peck left Section 23 is back to being lame. A few Who's the Man shirts and a couple of the signs could bring new life to the section if used properly. Help???!!!! -- John Reeve, BS '93

John --
Wow. Good letter. We will deploy a unit to that area STAT. Seriously, good letter. -- GB

September 19, 1999

Dear GB.c:
First of all, your site is to Purdue fans what Ramen noodles are to a college diet: ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! I just wanted to say that, and I keep pushing it up every Saturday (while getting rained on by ice and "soda" in the student section, haha).

Just this evening, while procrastinating as late as I possibly could on a Calculus assignment, I got curious: "Is there a '' I tried it, and the results were as weak as Jarius Jackson's game last Saturday. It's basically a blank site. Try it!

Oh sure, there's an animated "GO IRISH" window, but it's NOTHING compared to the dancing PUFFY PETE on your site. Also, there's nowhere on the site to write obscene emails to the domers (I was REALLY looking forward to doing that, too).

So, keep pushing it up, Brush-A-Maniacs, and I'll push it up too.

GO BOILERS! -- Dale Weller

Dale --
Thanks, man; it's always gratifying to be compared to Ramen Noodles! -- GB

September 17, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Hey guys!...I'm here to check out my crew's photo on the GOBOILERS webpage ( very cool I might add) but I can't find it!!??? We didn't stuff ourselves in those overhead bins for nothing!! You didn't think we'd follow up. Did you? We'll be back to check on you! -- Cassondra, SWA Flight Attendant

Cassondra --
Don't know what kind of junk you think we're trying to pull here, but check this out. And while you're at it, look at this and this. Hope we're friends again.-- GB

September 16, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Hey, how's it goin?? I'm from North Vernon, IN and am a big Purdue fan. I went up to the Notre Dame game and saw them kill the Irish. What a wonderful sight that was. Anyways, I noticed the "snazzy" shirts you all have. They're pretty cool. Is there any way I can get one or not?? Well that's all I wanted to know. Have a good day and continue to "Push It Up For The Boilers" -- Justin Black

Justin --
Your own personal snazziness is on the way. See you and the shirt in Ross Ade! -- GB

September 14, 1999

Dear GB.c:
It is wonderful to see all the Boilermaker Magic Online. I have stuck this site in my fav's and passing it on to all my friends, Boiler fans or not. HAIL PURDUE!!!!! -- BoSpeedie

Bo --
Bo knows websites! -- GB

September 12, 1999

Dear GB.c:
I was walking to the thrashing of ND yesterday only to come upon a group of talented and (very) spirited idividuals all wearing shirts that said "Who's the Man?" on the back. As soon as I saw the front of the shirts I recognized the group as the famous Brush-a-Maniacs! they gave me a golf tee and began their famous "Who's the Man?" chant. It was great. Then I was fortunate enough to run into them again at Applebee's tonight for the Talk to Tiller show. Please let me know how I can obtain one of those terrific shirts. If at all possible I would like to have it before the boilers go on the road again to go spank the infamous Wolverines. Thanks for all the fun and I hope to hear from you soon Sincerely, a Brush-a-Maniacs wannabe, -- Matt

Matt --
Check it out, Jack. See you in Ann Arbor!

September 12, 1999

Dear GB.c:
How about some pix of that cool black and gold firetruck I saw on the hill yesterday.....It was "awsome Baby" .....Someone put a lot of work into it!!! -- Bruce

Bruce --
What you be thinkin' 'bout this? -- GB

September 9, 1999

Dear GB.c: is the greatest. -- Dan

Dan --
Right on. -- GB

September 5, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Just watched the first of hopefully many victories this season! I love this site. Go Boilers, let's destroy Notre Dame! -- Matt

Matt --
Thanks, man. See you at the game! -- GB

August 11, 1999

Dear GB.c:
This guy Gary has been telling me over and over again about this web site. It is an awsome web site. I hope you guys have a great time at the season opener in Florida.

P.S. Tell Gary that Melissa knows "Who the Man Is!" -- Melissa

Melissa --
Thanks; Gary don't lie. -- GB

July 8, 1999

Dear GB.c:
This is a great place for Boiler fans! Keep up the nice work. -- Lynn B.

Lynn --
Thanks; let Ajay know we're thinkin' of him! -- GB

June 25, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Hey, I just wanted to let all you guys know that this site is awesome. All you ever need to know about Purdue is here, it's great! Keep up the good work!! -- Jenna Craig

Jenna --
Thanks; say hi to Ajay! -- GB

June 23, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Yeah, include me. -- Ajay

Ajay --
Thanks, buddy. Well spoken. -- GB

May 5, 1999

Dear GB.c:
I would like to Congrate the Lady Boilers on the NCAA National Championship. You have made all of us Boiler fan down here in Jasper, Indiana proud. Go Purdue Boilermakers!!! -- Cindi and Mike Meyer

C & M --
Thanks, kids! Keep on keepin' it real in J-Town! -- GB

April 30, 1999

Dear GB.c:

Your website RULES!

However, PLEASE keep Malcolm away from the "Surge," and. . .

A four (4) word suggestion for your page:

More pics of Stu! (the best TV director in the whole world) -- Steve

Steve --
Thanks, man! If only we had a nickel for every EMail wanting more pictures of Stu, we might have enough money to pay his agent for publicity shots. As it is now, the only means we have of getting close to Stu is to load Malcolm up with Surge so that he can break through Stu's security entourage! -- GB

April 29, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Congrats -- very good site to go to when I need a lift. Very positive!!! Good for fans and players get the recognition that they deserve for their hours of hard work -- DKIFF

D --
Thanks, D! It's all about pushin' it way up, baby! -- GB

April 18, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Just wanted to mention that the inevitable has begun... The rest of the world is beginning to give Drew the respect he deserves. Today's edition of the Indy Star had an article mentioning that Drew has been named as Playboy's preseason first team quarterback and the The Sporting News has also named him preseason offensive player of the year. Just give him the Heisman now!!! -- Sean

Sean --
Bang! -- GB

April 15, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Thanks for posting some fantastic pictures!! I was in San Jose but not Mackey. I'm glad I could see what I missed. -- Sandy Orr

Sandy --
Thanks, Sandy. And good work in San Jose! -- GB

March 31, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Great site!

What kind of silly question is that? Beat that "This or That" Dead Horse! Later, and keep up the good work. -- Ryan Addison MSE '95

Ryan --
Thanks, man. We're on the case. -- GB

March 30, 1999

Dear GB.c:
I thought there was no "perfect" site for Purdue fans, young and old ... and then I came upon ... FANTASTIC!! Now I only wish I had known you guys were around when a bunch of us made the trek to Northwestern last year and also during the '97 Alamo Bowl (couldn't make it this past year, but were smart enough to get 50 close Purdue fans and get local TV coverage on WTHR-13 here in Indianapolis!!)

My wife and friends will be in Orlando in early September for the opening game ... I'll be looking long and hard for ... keep up the great work!!

GO BOILERS ... and especially CONGRATS LADY BOILERS!! -- Steve Preo SLA '92

Steve --
Thanks, man. We'll be there! -- GB

March 11, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Just wanted to let all you that have some part in this that it is awesome. Everything you would ever want to know about Purdue is on this and even the best soft drink. Keep up the good work; you guys are layin the smack down on it. Go Boilers. -- Karla Geyer

Karla --
Bang -- GB

March 11, 1999

Dear GB.c:
The web page is awsome. Way to put the smack down on everything -- Donke

Donke --
Thanks, man. -- GB

February 19, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Just wanted to say hi and I love the web page it is awesome. I would like to see more things about the basketball teams. Thanks for adding the wedding plans of Mike and Michelle. That was pretty cool. -- Katie Williams

Katie --
Thanks, K; see you at the reception! -- GB

January 31, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Great Web Page!! We have it linked from our local Purdue Club GO BOILERS!!!! GET BACK ON TRACK!! -- Bill and Jodi Pickart

Bill and Jodi --
Thanks, kids; keep Carroll County pushin it up! -- GB

January 18, 1999

Dear GB.c:
You guys are doing a fantastic job on your site. It was nice to meet you all in person at Tequila Mockingbird the night prior to the glorious victory. I was with the Terry Courts guys that are depicted on your site. I feel obligated to send you a picture of the best sheet sign at the game (in our opinion). Hopefully you had a chance to see it. A guy that had an Alamo Bowl photos page who had sent you mail had mentioned it on his page. I'm in the upper left of the picture and Sean Mulroy (Terry Courts guy) is in the upper right. You'll notice the shameless plug to our significant others back in the midwest and to you guys as well. Enjoy and keep up the good work! Go Boilers! -- Jason Plassard

Jason --
Thanks, man; we all saw your sign at the game -- I guess ESPN was too busy talking about how great Michael Bishop is to show it. Well, at least we can hype it to the vast GB.c audience: GO! -- GB

January 11, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Hey, as always you guys have some of the highest quality stuff anywhere. I'm the guy on the left in your Terry Courts reunion photo. Rest assured, we will be sending in some photos including one of our sheet sign that was shamefully ignored by the ESPN cameras. Keep up the good work. --Sean

Sean --
Thanks, man; Joe says hello. -- GB

January 11, 1999

Dear GB.c:
This page rocks! I loved the terms. I'm going to play my NCAA '99 computer game and run the Vinnie Play against Notre Dame -- The Hilton Family

Hey --
Thanks, kids; Does Vinnie put his hand behind his head when he hits the end zone? -- GB

January 4, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Finally finished putting my Purdue's Alamo Bowl 98 pictures on my website.
You can also find last year's AlamoBowl pictures too:
Enjoy -- Stephen Reeve

Stephen --
Thanks, man. I think we're in some of those pictures! -- GB

January 4, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Great game, Boilers! The Big Ten did us all proud, but Purdue was first !!! From, Wisconsin Mom -- Nikki Miklusak

Mom --
Thanks, mom; now you see why we drove all the way to Wisconsin for that game! Congrats to everybody up there, too. People around the country should have known that any team that beat Purdue must be pretty good. -- GB

January 4, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Don't have a picture, but it was great fun at San Antonio -- Nick

Nick --
Yep, yep. Joe Tiller always throws a good party! -- GB

January 3, 1999

Dear GB.c:

"Purdue's Tiller To Interview For Vacant Washington Position"

Whoa! Bet that caught your attention! With the semi-melt down of our staff under the "leadership" of Martha Stewart-wannabe and ex-USC hairspray queen, Barbara Hedges, among the names being bandied about out here was Joe Tiller's. After careening your very weird and rabid website, I hope Babs doesn't go near Tiller. If need be, I'll take him out of the running myself. I don't think we want you people as enemies.

I think it's time for the Dawgs to play Purdue again, especially after the hiding you just laid on the Wildcats. Plus, of course, my 2 favorite teams are the Washington Huskies and whoever beats Notre Dame. And also, the only time I ever caught a ball at a major sporting event was a field goal at the Purdue at Washington game in about '73 or so. I do have a high-school buddy of mine who tackled Gary Danielson from behind the next year to preserve the Huskies' upset win @ Lafayette. Otis Armstrong ran for about 900 yds against us in those 2 games. Of course, you guys look so young, you probably only were wearing diapers at the time (IU stuff on the outside, loaded with NOTRE DAME on the inside). Hey, by the way, is Joe Tiller any relation to Marvin "Shake" Tiller, from Semi-Tough? Inquiring minds need to know.

Best of luck in '99. You guys seem very odd! We like that -- Marty in North Bend, WA

Marty --
I think I speak for everyone when I say "WOW." Thanks for the mail -- if the Brush-A-Maniacs end up being responsible for Joe Tiller not being hired at Washington, please let us know! -- GB

January 2, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Hey, one heck of a game! I was loving every minute of it. I looked up from my seat and saw the Brush-A-Maniacs going nuts! (I was the guy in the hard hat who yelled at you in the corridor, "Hey! The Brush-A-Maniacs!") Bring on the BCS next season baby! -- Brian Singleton

Brian --
Thanks, man. Yeah, looking back, there were parts of that evening that the Brush-A-Mania section kind of enjoyed. We'll see you when we thrash another chump in early January 2000! -- GB

January 1, 1999

Dear GB.c:
Next time look out for those Drunken K-State fans which tried to ambush you on the way to the Alamo. Matt, Raechel, Terri, and I had a great time in Texas. It seems like I only run into you guys at airports. Hope to see your group at the games. GO BOILERS! -- John Beaman
PS -- I'll send photos.

John --
No kidding -- those guys must have Brush-A-Mania radar or something! See you soon! -- GB

December 31, 1998

Dear GB.c:
All of the Purdue Fans were fired up, just like the Brush-A-Maniacs! You guys were great! BOILER UP!!! -- Bake

Bake --
Thanks, man. Purdue's fans were rockin' that place, huh?! -- GB

December 30, 1998

Dear GB.c:
Who says the Purdue Boilermakers can't run with the big dogs? They run by them, kick them out of the way, and just keep on running! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PURDUE BOILERMAKERS ON A FANTASTIC WIN AT THE ALAMO BOWL! Never give up !!!!!!! -- Photti

Photti --

December 28, 1998

Dear GB.c:
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I support you in every way. I can't believe KSU has the nerve to overlook the Boilers because they didn't get to go to the game of their choice. They better not overlook Purdue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later guys -- Fitz

Fitz --
Thanks, man. If you think it's not the game of their choice now, just wait 'til they're scraping their whiny selves off our AlamoDome turf! -- GB

December 25, 1998

Dear GB.c:
I wish that I could remember what local news station carried the story, but last night I was prouder than ever that my husband and I are Purdue Alumni and that we enjoy and support the Boilermakers. The news story was on the football team taking time on Christmas Eve to visit children in a San Antonio area hospital. What a terrific thing and they should be recognized for that giving act at the time of year when many are concerned with getting and having fun. I'm sure that their selfless acts brought joy and happiness to many and they will probably never realize the impact of a seemingly small thing to many. It was hard for me to believe that the media even covered it since it had nothing to do with sex, violence, or corruption. Thanks to Coach Tiller, his staff, and to the football players for blessing other and in turn I'm sure, received a blessing. Our best to the Boilers at the Alamo Bowl. We will certainly be watching and cheering for "OUR BOILERMAKERS" -- Regina Overpeck

Regina --
Thanks for sending that, Regina. And let's not forget a big thanks to Mrs. Tiller! -- GB

December 21, 1998

Dear GB.c:
Keep up the great work on the site, guys. And for those of you lucky enough to go to the Alamo, I want to hear you rockin' the house.

A highly recruited high school basketball player was visiting Big Ten schools to try to find the best college for him. His first stop was at Bloomington. When he got there, head coach Bobby Knight immediately picked up a golden telephone. After talking several minutes, he said, "Thank you, God" and hung up. The young man was shocked by all this. He asked the coach what was so special about the golden phone. "Well, this phone is a direct line to God. And God tells us whether or not new recruits would be stars at our university." The athlete asked if he could use the phone to ask God what college he should pick. "Sure, you can! But it's going to cost you $250. Calling Heaven ain't cheap." The fellow didn't have that kind of money, so he moved along.

His next stop was Ann Arbor. Once at Brian Ellerbe's office, Coach Ellerbe immediately picked up a golden telephone. After talking several minutes, he said, "Thank you, God" and hung up. The boy said, "Hey, I've seen those phones before. Can I use yours to call God and ask what college I should pick?" Ellerbe said, "Sure, but it's going to cost you $150. Calling Heaven isn't cheap." Again, not having that kind of money, the lad left.

His last stop was West Lafayette. Upon arrival at Gene Keady's office, Coach Keady picked up a golden telephone, talked to God, and said, "Thanks," and hung up. The boy just had to use that phone, so he said,"Coach, I really need to use that golden telephone so I can call God and ask him which college I should choose. From IU it was going to cost $250. From Michigan they wanted $150. So how much will it cost me to call Heaven from here at Purdue?"

Coach Keady smiled and said, "Nothing, son. It's a local call."

Enjoy and have a happy Holiday Season!!!!! Lets go Boilers and beat the Wildcats (or should I say mildcats) -- Eric and Chris Norris

Eric and Chris --
Thanks, kids; see you in San Antone! -- GB

December 10, 1998

Dear GB.c:
We enjoyed browsing the pictures. Go Boilers ... Beat Kansas State !!!! -- Carol Ann Lew

Carol --
Thanks, Carol; keep pushin it up! -- GB

November 22, 1998

Dear GB.c:
This website is great! I am glad I saw your address on the JumboTron at the IU game -- Eric

Eric --
Thanks, man; hope you got the question right! -- GB

November 18, 1998

Dear GB.c: is the best! My life ambitions used to become a billionaire -- Now it's to become a Brush-A-Maniac wannabe!

Tiller's Boilers will average 55,000 in attendence for six home games while Cam Cameron's Hoosiers averaged 36,452 for five games. ADVANTAGE: TILLER BY 18,500 PER GAME PLUS GOING TO A BOWL GAME! Hey Morgan Burke, how about ponying up a little more cash for The Man and the Best Staff in College Football? -- Bake

Bake --
Thanks, man; and we couldn't agree more. But who is this Cam Cameron person? -- GB

November 15, 1998

Dear GB.c:
I've been looking for a long time for the words to "Fighting Varsity". If anyone can find them, "You da Man"!

I've bookmarked and am alerting all my Boiler Buddies! Let me add my kudos for a great website for Boiler Fans! -- Boiler PJ

PJ --
Thanks, man; good luck with the lyrics -- we'll look forward to hearing you sing it at the Bowl Game! -- GB

November 8, 1998

Dear GB.c:
Great page, guys!

What a great weekend! Were you guys in Evanston? It was fantastic -- tons of crazy Boilers. I can't wait for Purdue/IU! -- Chantal and Brad

C & B --
Thanks, kids; Yeah, Evanston was rockin' with the Boilers and the Brush-A-Maniacs were lucky enough to be singing with the guys at the end. See you at IU! -- GB

October 23, 1998

Dear Brush-A-Maniacs:
Really enjoyed the fan pictures from Wisconsin. I'm one of the nice old ladies that you were sitting in front of in the stands. Madison is a great town and I hope you enjoyed yourself. How about that band and the 5th Quarter!! "When you say've said it all." oxoxox -- Badger mom

Badger Mom --
Thanks, mom; see you in 2000! -- GB

October 22, 1998

Dear GB:
Unbelieveable site. I have never been on a page that so thouroughly sums up what Boiler fans across the universe are thinking. I think that those goons over in Champaign know that they are going to get smack down by the people's team, the Boilers! -- Derek Schmitz from Purdue

Derek --
Thanks, man; see you on the JumboTron! -- GB

September 29, 1998

Dear GB:
You guys are awesome!!! This has to be the best site on the entire Internet. There is no other website that satisfies us diehard Boiler fans like this one. Keep up the good work -- Adam Galema from Anderson University

Adam --
Thanks, man; spread the word to all the Ravens! -- GB

September 24, 1998

Dear GB:
This is a great site; you guys did an awesome job. Purdue Pete and his buddy will have a site very soon. -- Your Pete, Jacob Nichols from Inside the Suit

Jacob --
Thanks, man; it's great to have the man in charge of pushin' it up aboard -- GB

September 15, 1998

Dear GB:
This site is the Boiler Site of the Millenium! Your site is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, and that's the bottom line because Stone Cold Todd Weatherwax says so. Culpepper Shmulpepper it doesn't matter UCF has no chance. Boiler Fan 4-Life. -- Todd Weatherwax from Purdue University

Todd --
Thanks, man; you are now in the People's Mailbag on the People's Website -- GB

September 15, 1998

Dear GB:
This is the best Boiler website there is, not to mention the funniest. The newest Brush-A-Maniacs (HHS alums) will make sure that everyone on campus will be pushin' it up for the Boilers this year. Whether the Boilers are going I.U. on Big Fatty, or ripping out the banners at I.U.'s house, we'll be bringin' the hiz-ouse to help put the smack down. -- I Am an American ... Kyle Sporre from Purdue University

Kyle --
Thanks, man; keep writing it on your thumbnail -- GB

September 8, 1998

Dear GB:
This page absolutely rocks. Any diehard Boiler fan should visit this page daily. I can't wait to watch the Boilers lay the smack down this weekend against Rice. Keep up the great work! -- Travis Duell from West Lafayette

Travis --
Thanks, man; GB smells what you're cookin. -- GB

September 6, 1998

Dear GB:
Nothing pleases me more than reading or hearing about the BOILERS, so glad to see this page. Keep up the good work, and bring us a win against ND! -- Hal from Parts Unknown

Hal --
Thanks, man; welcome aboard! -- GB