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November 13, 2003

Dear GB.c:

     Hi, Big fan of the Box vs. Backs contest. Just wanted you to know that I have been watching ESPN College Game Day a lot lately and I am pretty mad about the Mentos marketing campaign stealing the "Go Box" idea from the site. Check out See the mentos in a box commercials at the bottom of this site. They clearly have taken you brilliant idea of cheering for a box and used it to boost their capitalist ambitions. I think that Mentos is trying to get some kind of revenge for not being included in the field of 64 in the 2000 Tourney of Snack Foods. Go Box! -- Brad and Suesie

Brad and Suesie --
How 'bout this: ... the Freshmaker! -- GB

August 3, 2003

Dear GB.c:

     This is the funniest website I have seen in a long time ... yeah that's it. Oops ... i forgot about that other site. And then there was one more. But your really up there ... so keep pumping it up. Hail Purdue! -- Neal in Georgia

Neal --
Right on, brother. -- GB

July 15, 2003

Dear GB.c:

     what is this garbage about doritos and the great song dream weaver?doritos is a very tasty bag of non-nutritional,greasy crap--while dream weaver is just another classic song.there are more things in life worth getting a lot more angry about than dream weaver vs. people need to get over yourselves--pronto!this whole thing sounds sooooo inane and people sound like a bunch of pinheads! -- rob in santa rosa,ca

Rob --
It took two years to write that? -- GB

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