Mailbag -- February 1998 to July 1998

Past offerings from the Mailbag ...

July 30, 1998

Dear GB:
Great site -- I just surfed on in from another a page and I love it. Keep up the great work. It is really great to see other people that are as fanatical about Purdue as I am. Living here in N.E. Florida all you ever here about are the Gators and the 'Noles. (Good schools, but not as good as Purdue). I am looking forward to checking in and see what is happening here. -- Eric and Chris Norris -- BS CFS 1990/ATO VTL

Eric and Chris --
Thanks, kids; we'll see you at the bowl game! -- GB

July 24, 1998

Dear GB:
I just wanted to thank you for the Go Boilers web site. I was extremely excited to finally get a chance to look at it. I guess you could say I'm very partial to the Brush-A-Mania portion being that I'm Lee's older sister and, outside of my Mom and Dad, one of his biggest fans.

I thank you and all the Boiler fans for making Lee's football playing years at Purdue extra special with your wonderful support and dedication. Our family has been around college football for 30 some years (my father being a football coach) and I don't recall ever being around a more enthusiastic bunch of fans. I am proud to say that the Brush family will now be Boilers for life !!!!

Hope to see you this fall when we come watch Coach Lee Brush and the Boilers win their way to another bowl !!!!

Go Boilers! -- Tammie Brush-Campbell (Lee's Big Sis)

Tammie --
Good to hear from you, Tammie! On behalf of Boiler fans everywhere, thanks for all the love and nurturing you must have given to Lee to help shape him into THE MAN! Hope to hear back from you soon and Go Boilers! -- GB

July 7, 1998

Dear GB:
I have just learned of your page. You can count on me to be an active visitor. Next to my brother, I am the biggest Purdue Fan around.

Some travel deals to the USC game:
America West is flying in out of Vegas for round-trips less than $200. These are non-stops and you can pick up a rental car in Vegas for around $25 per day. Vegas and LA are 4 hours apart (everyone drives 80 mph across across the desert). Put your money on the Boilers in Vegas and make the trip free. O'well these are my plans; hope to see the Purdue people at the Coliseum on August 30th. Hail Purdue! -- Scott '87 from Georgia

Scott --
Cool, man. How big are you? Always bet on (Gold and) Black. Go Boilers! -- GB

June 10, 1998

Dear GB:
You guys were really rocking at Mystic Lake Casino last week! Thanks for taking our picture for this very special webpage! -- Rick from Minnesota

Rick --
It was good to push it up with you and your gang! Your town was very enjoyable; it was like a lazy, flowing river surrounding castles in the sky. We'll see you in RossAde this fall. Go Boilers! -- GB

March 31, 1998

Dear GB:
Hey, Brush-A-Maniacs! Finally had the chance to take some time and look at your site. It's great. A couple of times I nearly spit up my Surge on the screen. Thanks for including me in the fun. Keep up the good work and your light-hearted view of the world. See you in Ross-Ade this fall -- Reggie Hayes from Fort Wayne

Reggie --
Thanks, Reggie. You da Man! -- GB

March 30, 1998

Dear GB:
Hey -- I found your site today and want to congratulate you on an incredible job. I'm sharing the news of your site with everyone I know, across the U.S., who are loyal Purdue fans. Looking forward to every part of your site being up and running. It's bookmarked! Again, congrats! All Hail -- IndyGuy from Indy, we presume

IndyGuy --
Thanks, man. Keep spreading the word! -- GB

March 23, 1998

Dear GB:
Thanks for putting me on your page; it is a pleasure for me. I thank you and your friends for all of your support during the season. I speak for the rest of the team when I say that we appreciate a packed, yelling crowd. Thanks! -- Willie Fells From the Purdue Defense

Willie --
Thanks, man. See you this fall! -- GB

March 12, 1998

Dear GB:
You guys are the bomb! I dig the site. -- Erik from Alaska (Northernmost Brushamaniac)

Erik --
Thanks, man. It's good to know that whereas once we were merely bringing the house, we are now also bringing the IGLOO, BABY! -- GB

March 11, 1998

Dear GB:
Just found your site. Looks very good. Will keep an eye on it.. -- Bill Gambrel from Parts Unknown

Bill --
Thanks, man. Spread the word! -- GB

March 4, 1998

Dear GB:
This web page is fantastic! The girl on the Surge Float page, she looks terribly familiar! Who is she? Keep up the good work. I am pushin' it up for! -- A Purdue Alum

APA --
Thanks, man. Push it way up! -- GB

March 2, 1998

Dear GB:
Would anyone like to contact a seamstress in the East Lansing area to get a quote on the repairs to the MSU B10 CO-champions banner?
Also, did anyone see the girls play yesterday? They came back to beat Iowa after going down ten the second half. Unanimous all Big10 Stephanie White took a shot in the face and was down on the floor for a few minutes. This seemed to spark the rally. Anyway she was out for about 2 minutes. Purdue won 61-60 and will play in the final game tonight. It looked there were a lot of fans there. Sure would be nice to hear from some of them. -- Kurt from Brush-A-Mania

Kurt --
Purdue can loan a seamstress -- MSU contracted one for Purdue early in the first half to repair dagger holes in the chests of the Purdue jerseys; apparently that service was not necessary. -- GB

March 2, 1998

Dear GB:
Here's a link to my homepage -- maybe it is good enough to be added to the links. I think the site rocks. I am an engineer and next week is spring break so I plan on updating the page then. I would also like to become a member of the fanclub you guys have. When (If) I graduate hopefully I can be an active member! -- Chris Pate from Purdue

PS- Lee Brush rocks the house!

Chris --
Thanks, man! Done and done -- welcome aboard! -- GB

February 24, 1998

Dear GB:
Hi Uncle Tommy. How are you I am fine. I like your web page. -- Chris from Mishawaka

Chris --
Thanks, man! See you at Granddad's. -- GB

February 20, 1998

Dear GB:
Nice site, gang. I'm a HS ref and was particularly interested in the notes on the hoop refs. I didn't understand where you came up with the expected win number, though. Keep up the good work. -- JP from Parts Unknown

PS - Lechlitner should be spelled Lickliter, although I prefer LickKnighter since he's worth about 10 points to IU every time they play. Also, at least two prominent Big 10 refs are missing - Eric Harmon and Steve Welmer. Do you just not have any data on them?

JP --
Thanks, Jerry. The expected wins number is calculated by taking Purdue's current winning percentage times the number of games the official has worked. Harmon and Welmer don't have enough Purdue Big Ten games to qualify for the list yet -- keep checking back! -- GB

February 19, 1998

Dear GB:
Great page!!!! Great pictures and comments! I especially liked the Alamo sheet sign! Your page was mentioned in the Purdue b-board on AOL. Keep up the good work! -- LWattjes from Indy

LW --
Thanks, L. Spread the word and keep pushin' it up! -- GB

February 18, 1998

Dear GB:
Pepsi is the drink that supports Purdue athletics. Has for years. Yes, Purdue sells Coke, but look who buys the advertising at Mackey and Ross-Ade. Coke advertises on the Bob Knight show! What more needs to be said! Nothing against Surge, I've tried it and it is o.k. The Dew is better.
Like your web-page(s). Looks good. Go Boilers! -- Purdue Fan 1 from Parts Unknown

PF1 --
Thanks, man. Hey, my fridge is full of Dew and I'm drinking one right now (before 6am). But sometimes you need that something extra. You need a push; you need a drive; you need a Surge. But we're not going to argue with Purdue Fan 1! Keep pushin' it up! -- GB

February 17, 1998

Dear GB:
I saw the article about in the J&C Monday and when I was at the media luncheon one of the fellows I sat with had something concerning referees that he had printed off of the website. This site has overwhelmed me lately. --Larry from Indiana

Larry --
Thanks, man. Us too. -- GB

February 16, 1998

Dear GB:
You go boys!!! Congrats on the article. You've officially arrived; isn't it exciting! -- Carmen from the Region

Carmen --
Thanks, C. And thanks for knowing us back in the day. -- GB

February 16, 1998

Dear GB:
This is the greatest web page in the known universe! Good luck to all of the football teams that will have to play the Boilers in the future; we are gonna put the smack down! -- Purdue Pete from Lafayette

Purdue Pete --
Thanks, man. The smack will be applied. -- GB

February 15, 1998

Dear GB:
I was a season ticket holder last season and am really looking forward to next season. I am wondering if Purdue has an annual spring football intra-squad game. If so, do you know when it is? Thanks for the great site! -- Captain Merrill STOOBS from Parts Unknown

Merrill --
Thanks, Cap'n. They do have a game like that, but I'm not sure of the date. If anybody out there gets the date, let STOOBS know. Say Hi to Isaac! -- GB

February 13, 1998

Dear GB:
Thanks for the invite. I enjoyed your page! -- Joe Drozda from Campuses Everywhere

Joe --
Thanks, man. Let us know when you're back in town! -- GB

February 12, 1998

Dear GB:
You boys are awesome. Can't wait to submit my Boiler fan son for 'Fan of the Week'! -- Biff from Indiana

Biff --
Thanks, man. Send it in! -- GB

February 12, 1998

Dear GB:
Just checking out your new site. I must admit that I found out about it from a co-worker of mine. I like the picture of Dick Vitale with Jason (my co-worker and top salesman). I agree that Joe Tiller is the man, but growing up in Illinois still has me loyal to the Illini (at least in BB) I will be in the 2nd row on Saturday to cheer on the Illini. They have a better chance without Lou Do there. Keep up the good work! -- Mike from Indiana

Mike --
Thanks, man. I think we were all a little saddened when Lou moved on. Take care of our boy. -- GB

February 10, 1998

Dear GB:
I'm Veronica's aunt from Michigan. Vern was so excited about the web page -- I enjoyed looking at it. Keep up the good work -- it's a hoot. I will enjoy checking in once in a while -- looked like you all enjoyed yourself at the bowl game. I keep telling the kids they need a PC but they have other priorities at this time. Stay with the web page; it really is enjoyable! -- Auntie M from Michigan

Auntie M --
Thanks, M. Keep checking back! -- GB

February 9, 1998

Dear GB:
Go Boilers Rocks!! Took me awhile to get through it all. Had 10 minutes between each 2-hr lab I taught today to view it. Now if the Coke machines on campus sold Surge, the task would've been accomplished in nanoseconds. Reggie Hayes is the man! Loved his article. It's great you could meet him in San Antonio. The best page: Hoop Refs. Without looking, I could've told you that Phil Bova is one of the worst. The Brush-A-Mania statisticians proved it. Great web site...much improved over version 1....better name too.
Count me as a walk on! I push it up every game football or basketball; whether in person (last 2 min of MSU game or Xavier) or in spirit (with Joe McConnell or Larry Clisby in my ear)...I'm there, baby! I'm not getting three degrees from Purdue for nothing!! -- Mat (hooked on Surge) Sutton from West Lafayette

Mat --
Thanks, Mat. You da Man! -- GB

February 8, 1998

Dear GB:
Thanks for the new Boilermakers site! I'm gonna have pictures of our time down in San Antonio as soon as I stop procrastinating. -- Adam from Parts Unknown

Adam --
Thanks, Adam. Send 'em in! -- GB

February 8, 1998

Dear GB:
I'm currently working on a Mike Alstott page and when I get it done I'll send you the link. I really like your web site, especially the part about the referees! Catch you later! -- LB from Parts Unknown

LB --
Thanks, LB. Tell your friends! -- GB

February 6, 1998

Dear GB:
With the recruits coming next year, the BOILERS will rock again next year! This web site is the bomb! -- Joseph Walters from Parts Unknown

Joe --
Thanks, man. Tell your friends! -- GB

February 3, 1998

Dear GB:
I was checking out your web page today. First off, I would like to say how impressed I was with your web pages here. (Then our new friend Tyler tells us about something we messed up that I think is working now.) Just to let you know, other than that, looks great. Love the section on Lee Brush! --Tyler from Parts Unknown

Tyler --
Thanks, man. -- GB

February 3, 1998

Dear GB --
Hi! You don't know me, but I found your page on the advice of my friend, Bob. He was right; this page looks like it ROCKS!! Can't wait to see the rest when you are finished up!!! Go Boilers! -- Jeff from South Bend

Jeff --
Thanks, man. -- GB

February 2, 1998

Dear GB --
Your page ROCKS! -- Bob in Lafayette

Bob --
Thanks, man. -- GB