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February 23, 2003

Dear GB.c:
Noticed that the mailbag must be covered with cobwebs since the last letter is a year old. So, here goes ... what a joy it was to be in El Paso when Purdue awakened to thump the pups from Seattle.

After Reggie Williams' "disturbing" Mr. Universe pose at the Bowl Luncheon, done in a bush effort to upstage Standeford, the Purdue defense (at least a few, including Niko) struck a similar pose for the benefit of the Washington sidelines at the end of the game. Pure Justice. Another memory that no one can take away!

"Ever Grateful, Ever True..." -- PURDUENUT

'NUT --
Thanks for jumpstarting the mailbag. In truth, many recent letters have been discarded due to the threat of Anthrax. -- GB

January 18, 2002

Dear GB.c:
I wish to thank you for posting the lyrics to the Doobie Brothers' "China Grove". I visited my girlfriend in San Antonio over the Christmas holidays and went looking for this place. Lo and behold, it indeed does exist, on the SE part of SA. But I never thought for one moment that I would ever find the lyrics to this classic tune. Thanks a million!

I did a Google search on "China Grove", and your website was listed. I checked it out. Great website, although I am not really a Purdue fan; however, before you scold me, I must state that as a pizza delivery driver for Papa John's Pizza, I have a good customer who *IS* a Purdue fan/graduate. I certainly shall direct him to your website,and hopefully he will check it out.

Again, many thanks for your service! -- Steve

Steve --
Thanks man. Glad you got a chance to visit the 'City that Never Wakes'. -- GB

September 26, 2001

Dear GB.c:
This is my first visit to your College Football fan page and I'm very impressed with the your coverage of PURDUE and the organization of the site. It truly is a great new information resource for Boilermakers fans. Our company, StatFox.Com is a stat information service specializing in custom matchup reports. We would like to offer you FREE PURDUE statistical matchup previews to place on your site. You will receive a new report for every game. The report is loaded with statistics and other key pieces of information that the avid PURDUE fan will need to know before the big game. I believe this statistical matchup will be a perfect compliment to the in-depth Boilermakers coverage on your site. -- Steve

Steve --
This is perhaps the most preposterous form letter we have ever received. You are impressed with our coverage of Purdue? I mean, we are huge fans of Purdue and all, but ... seriously. Doritos and Dream Weaver get more in-depth coverage here. -- GB

July 14, 2001

Dear GB.c:
I laughed so hard looking at the Rose Bowl travel photos, I soiled myself. An excellent use of the internet. -- Brian

Rick --
Thanks man. More flattering praise was never given. -- GB

October 29, 2000

Dear GB.c:
Hi, Rick Garrett in Muncie here, season football ticket holder for years and years....... and have waited a long time for times like the last 3 years have been...and, this year is BETTER than ever. Today's game against Ohio State was the best college football game I've EVER been to........

Hey, I took the long way around to tell you I LOVE this website, keep up the good work, and if y'all ever find your way to Muncie drop me a note first and I'll spring for lunch, supper or something :)))) -- Rick

Rick --
Right on, man -- just so you know, though, a lot of us eat like Ron Dayne. We'll try to give you some advanced warning so that you can alert the authorities. Thanks, pal, and we'll see you in Pasedena! -- GB

October 21, 2000

Dear GB.c:
I recently was forwarded a link to, because of Cam Bingo, which I've forwarded to IU alumni. So, thanks.

I also noticed your Fan Guide glossary entry for Pizza Hut Christine. Last night, I went to the Pizza Hut in Lafayette by the East Side 10 movie theatre, and had an excellent experience with a server named Christine. Could this be the famous "Pizza Hut Christine?"

PS. My favorite waitress is also found at a Pizza Hut, but it's Lee Anna, from the Purdue West location. -- Mark Norrod

Mark --
Our sources indicate that the original Pizza Hut Christine has moved on from her stay at the Sagamore Parkway WL Pizza Hut. It might be that Pizza Hut corporate creates armies of Christines to populate their restaurants through some sort of genetic engineering project in order to ensure outstanding and service at low prices. We'll have the boys in the lab look into it. -- GB

October 10, 2000

Dear GB.c:
Hey I read that little letter that our friend from the north wrote and here's what I had to say back to him:

Hey, I liked your message on!!!! Those "Mighty Wolverines" weren't so Mighty, just more pathetic and wimpy than anything, dude. Pretty sad a #6 team couldn't convert in the 2nd half. Now they are where they deserve to be, the lower half of the Top 25. Just to save yourself a little bit less grief next time, don't go visit opposing teams fan sites and write something stupid and ignorant as you did w/ this group. Now you must pay for what you did. HAHAHA.

Hope you all like it and wasn't it a great day in Ross-Ade October 7th, 2000??? It was an awesome place to definitely Push It Up for the Boilers!!!!

Boiler Up!!!! -- Justin Black

Very nice-- GB

October 6, 2000

Dear GB.c:
You WILL get pounded again by the Mighty Wolverines. Save yourself embarassment and DON'T show up!!!!!

GO BLUE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- "The Big Dog"

"Big Dog" --
Went to the game anyway. Suprisingly, it wasn't too embarassing. Not sure what you were talking about, but thanks for the warning. -- GB

September 28, 2000

Dear GB.c:
WASSSSSSSSUP everybody at GB.c??? Just wanted to let you know that I'm a frequent visitor to the website and I also have a GB.c t-shirt. A couple of friends of mine and I are gonna be coming all the way from North Vernon, IN to push it up for the Boilers when they beat the mighty Wolverines of Michigan. I'm ready to get crazy!! -- Justin Black

Justin --
Travel Tip: don't worry if your long trip makes you late for the first half. Just make sure you're there for the last eight seconds of the game -- GB

June 16, 2000

Dear GB.c:
It is with great sorrow I share the following news. I have been living in a cave. I totally missed the Snackfood Tournament first round! Aaargh! What was I thinking? Work, family, chores around the house... Where were my priorities? Ah, but I am back now. But I do need help...

How do I vote this one? I love Twinkies, but I am concerned it is a sin to vote against dead Purdue Alum (Orville). I ultimately chose popcorn. Can chosing Purdue over any personal standards ever be wrong? Would John Wooden approve of my decision? Please help...

If I voted wrong I can always go back and vote twice for Twinkies, right?

Hail, Leroy! -- Eric Hilligoss

Eric --
It's sad there has to be a winner and a loser, huh? But that's what the Tournament of Snack Foods is all about. For 364 days a year, Twinkie the Kid and Orville can be pals ... but on game day, it's serious. The cowboy scarf or the bow tie? Ultimately, it's your decision. Vote your heart ... (Wooden voted for Twinkies) -- GB

March 17, 2000

Dear GB.c:
I have checked out the site rather frequently after your guys did a little piece on the "Mascot Kids." I figured I would check it out because I am one of said kids in that I am a member of the Reamer Club and have the honor of being in the group photo that made its way onto your page. Here's my question: After looking at the various "Stink Quotients" for basketball officals and being that I am counting the days until football season starts, I was wondering if there is any sort of calculations or other sort of comparisons (such as being nationally televised or wins on certain t.v. networks, etc.) that can be made that would alert the Boiler fan as to when a drive killing penality or missed call will be made by an offical so the fan can be ready. I have noticed that officals tend to make poor calls against Purdue in big games. I would like to reference the poor job the refs did at Wisconsin in '98 and I won't even go into how badly Purdue gets screwed when playing Notre Dame (home or away, pick a year). Not to mention that poor officals affected Purdue in the heartbreaking losses to Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Penn State in '99 and dare I begin to discuss the blunders of the Outback Bowl officals? Something needs to be done about these refs because, after all, this is Rose Bowl year! Thanks for the great site and keep pushin' it up! -- Al

Big Al --
It just seems that Purdue is destined to fight the neverending battle against evil. Keep that train rollin' and THE MAN will take care of the rest. See you and the train in Pasedena! -- GB

February 27, 2000

Dear GB.c:
This site is great, it just keeps getting better and better every time I visit! You better do something on Katie Douglas though. She's amazing! The t-shirts are great!! I can't wait to get one!! Keep up the awesome job, and I won't forget you guys when I'm playing on the Mackey hardwood!! -- Wynter, Future Lady Boilermaker

Wynter --
We'll get you a TShirt to wear under your jersey when you get to town -- GB

February 22, 2000

Dear GB.c:
I was checking out the global stats and noticed you had Luxembourg highlighted. But there must be a problem, they are in RED! How can anything on GB.c be in red? It's sacrilegious. Unless you were trying to tell us that although they were on the page, they are in fact Hooosier fans. If that's the case I hope you did your homework because you wouldn't want to identify an entire country with such a tragic condition, would you? That would be slanderous. Is that where Pryzbilla is from, maybe is thinking of pulling a Recker? We could just see who shows up at the game in Bloomingtucky and what colors they're wearing. Push it up!-- Jerry

Jerry --
Yes, sir. No, sir. Sorry, sir. Yes, sir. No, sir. No, sir. Yes, sir. Perhaps, sir. Yes, sir. And yes, sir. Glad you're on our side, Jerry -- GB

January 29, 2000

Dear GB.c:
My uncle, who is an IU fan, recently lost a bet with me when Purdue beat the other Indiana school in bball the other week. I have decided to send him one of your shirts with my winnings. Please send an XL gray shirt! -- Pam

Pam --
Hilarious! It's on the way. Thanks for including us in your project. By the way, has your uncle read this? -- GB

January 14, 2000

Dear GB.c:
On the local news in Indy one night, they showed people at the YBor parade singing the Tiller song, so I assume it was you??? It was great and got me ready for the game! WOOHOO! BOILER UP!-- Matt

Matt --
Yeah, that was us. We're gonna try to get it here on the page as an AVI file so we can annoy people on a much larger scale and 24 hours a day. Make sure you join in when you hear it next season! -- GB

January 6, 2000

Dear GB.c:
I am a Georgia fan who made the trip to Tampa for the Outback Bowl, and when I returned I wanted to learn about this Big Ten School. During halftime at the game Purdue fans were chanting "Go Boilers". I also saw a shirt with this site on it. This is a neat site and I respect this team now. But, GOOOO.... DAWGS SIC' EM WUF WUF WUF.-- Jan

Jan --
Thanks for the props. That last part is Dickenson, right? -- GB

January 5, 2000

Dear GB.c:
I wanted to drop a quick note and say how much I enjoyed the football bowl contest! I thought a great idea would be to give the top 10 winners a GoBoilers t-shirt! Just a thought, plus it helps to get the T-shirt more publicity!! -- Sam, A Top 10 Winner

Sam --
I am sad to tell you that there was a big disagreement at the corporate offices of GB.c about that very matter. You see, half of us wanted to mail shirts to the top ten finishers, and the other half wanted to mail them to the top eleven. The issue caused a great deal of animosity, strife, and ill feelings among the staff. To be honest, Sam, that was something that we just couldn't stomach. The only solution was to drop the entire issue. We're sure you understand. -- GB

January 3, 2000

Dear GB.c:
Hey, I was one of the "Outback dat azz up" people sitting in front of you guys at the bowl game. I was checking out your site and noticed that you aren't selling the gold shirts you were wearing. As Purdue has been pushing the color gold these past few years, shouldn't you guys offer gold t-shirts? Nice web site and thanks for making the bowl a bit more interesting. Go Boilers -- Greg Henkle

Greg --
The gold shirts were found in the lab at GB.c to contain a very high amount of 'jiggy'. We're not sure we can sell them and still avoid liability. Anyway, thanks for keeping up with us at the game ... we combined into a pretty formidable group, that's for diggity. -- GB

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