Say, GB.c ... Have You Lost Weight?

     Why, yes we have; thank you for noticing.

     In an effort to slim down for the holiday season, a good deal of has been stripped away. What you see before you today is a lean, mean, fighting machine.

     But what has become of the rich goodness that no longer graces GB.c? Not to worry, friends; everything has been collected to a special compendium -- 1901 to 2001. That's right; this special CD contains such GB.c classics as
  • Pictures and Stories from Friends of GB.c
  • Including Past "Fans of the Week"

  • Brush-A-Maniac Trips
    Four Bowl Games, Five NCAA Tournament Appearances, and a National Championship Coronation

  • Player Tributes
    Lee Brush, Cuonzo Martin, Cris Dishman, Brian Alford, and Carri Long

  • Video Clips
    Including AT's TD at UW!

  • And Finally ...
    The Unpublished GB.c, The Knight Gallery, Cam Bingo, and much, much more!

     Your online GB.c is now trimmer and more responsive; your offline GB.c is always at the ready. Everybody wins with 1901 to 2001 ! If you think you need your own copy of GB.c0101, email our Productions Office today.

     With love, Your Pals at GB.c