It's Never Too Late to Root for Purdue

     Attention Purdue fans: we invite you to join the staff of in our ongoing outreach program. Before, during, and after Purdue games, we usually take it upon ourselves to encourage fans from the opposing team to root for Purdue. Not because we need it, but just because we are trying to help our fellow man. For as we all already know, it is always more fun to root for Purdue.

     May we suggest committing the following phrases to memory:

Can I convince you to root for Purdue today?
I believe you'll have a lot more fun if you do.


Do you have any questions about
Purdue that I can answer for you?


You've seen the drum, right? Well ...


Did you know that Purdue is the Team of Disco? That's right, Purdue and Disco are proud corporate partners. Have you ever pushed it down while listening to Disco? Didn't think so -- that would be stupid, right? Exactly. (That ought to get them, huh?)

     If those don't work (hard to believe, but occasionally true), please tell them this:

Friend, at any point during the day, if you're not having as good a time as you had hoped you might, please feel free to root for Purdue. I assure you that there is always room for one more. I sincerely hope that you feel welcome to join in without fear. Remember -- it's never too late to root for Purdue.

     The last sentence may be the most important one, especially if you do your outreach work before the game begins. Some of your new friends have little experience with Purdue -- going into the game, they may have high hopes that their team is "good enough". During the game, however, things may change. We cannot stress enough how important it is that your new friends know that it is NEVER too late to root for Purdue.

     You might say, "Those fans have chosen their road -- let them travel it. I will keep Purdue all to myself." Well, that's a bit selfish, isn't it? Honestly, now -- Purdue isn't yours; it isn't mine; it's a gift for all of us to enjoy freely. And if Purdue made a difference in this fine gentleman, it can make a difference in anyone. So please, enlighten someone today. Thank you.