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      As we all know, the best friends are won through having and giving really cool possessions. If people don't like you (which would explain why you're spending time at, the best solution is always to buy something! Now only you know your situation; would it do you more good to impress people by having some new stuff for yourself OR by purchasing something directly for that key 'friend-to-be'? Either way, you can't go wrong with the fine merchandise available right here at!

      Check out the fab logos below! Regardless of how each logo is pictured in the online store, each is available in

  • Frisbee!
  • Wall Clock!
  • White Hat!
  • Black Hat!
  • Visor!
  • Bumper Sticker!
  • License Plate Frame!
  • Infant Creeper!
  • Tile Box!
  • Bib!
  • BBQ Apron!
  • Travel Mug!
  • Tile Coaster!
  • Ash TShirt!
  • Mousepad!
  • Tote Bag!
  • Baby Doll T!
  • Coffee Mug!
  • Infant T!
  • Golf Shirt!
  • Women's T!
  • Women's Tank Top!
  • Spaghetti Tank!
  • Stein!
  • Sweatshirt!
  • Calendar!
  • Postcard!
  • Baseball Jersey!
  • White TShirt!
  • Hooded Sweatshirt!
  • Long Sleeve T!
  • Wall Clock!
  • Lunch Box!
  • Camisole!
  • Greeting Card!
  • Boxer Shorts?!

      And other exciting new products, added every day! So, which logo will it be?

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Indiana University Graduates, please have a parent help before placing a credit card order.

      Oh, hold up ... one look at you tells that you've got a touch of 'old school'. Is that right? Right on.

      Well, supplies are EXTREMELY limited (because so many cool people like Mrs. Tiller and PurdueNut already have them), but the factory still has some of the old school GB.c shirts. Just email today to check on availability!


      Don't spend your life looking back ... "I wonder how my life would have turned out if I'd had some GB.c gear, brought to me by the good folks at!" Sad, indeed. PLEASE KNOW THAT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

      Choose wisely and good luck, my friend. (See, it's working already!!!)

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