Leroy -- The Boilermaker Fire Truck

     If you are planning to get to the game a little early, make sure you stop by and visit Leroy, the Boilermaker Fire Truck. Leroy was found in Lebanon, broken down, beaten up, and, perhaps worst of all, painted red. With a little work, a little money, and a whole lotta love from the crew, Leroy was transformed into the most powerful tailgating wagon in the universe, proudly stationed at the top of Slayter Hill. Kids, you will witness what scholars are calling the greatest conversion of all time (with the possible exception of Drew's flip over the hapless Notre Dame defense).

     The pictures provided by the crew below are nice, but they in no way capture the beauty that is Leroy. Go to the top of the Hill and see him for yourself. Get your picture taken with Leroy. And when you do, take a moment to tell him in person your appreciation of his triumphs over personal struggles.

     Hail Leroy!

The Scout Team of Tim, Jim, John, Jason,
and Eric (snapping the picture) evaluate
Leroy's ability to run. Who's got Leroy's Keys?

Stripped and Sanded

"Hey Tim, does the primer have to be red?"

Leroy debuts on Slayter,
looking much better
in black and gold.

Hail Leroy!

The whole crew. Thanks to the ladies
for letting us fulfill our dream.

Eric, Jim, The Man, Tim, Jason,
and John after "Talk to Tiller".
(Sean and Brad not pictured.)

Who's the FIREMAN?

Even More Leroy!