February 4, 1999
West Lafayette, IN

       In a stunning upset, the Purdue men's basketball team accomplished something for the first time since January 16, 1996 -- we won a Big Ten game officiated by Jody Sylvester!

       That's right, Jody had won five in a row over Purdue, a team that wins over 70% of its conference games. For you mathematicians out there, the probability of that happening by chance is less than one-quarter of one percent. Suffice it to say that Jody got game. No, Jody got mad game.

       It is rumored that Alan Eldridge called a pregame meeting with the team after Jody was spotted in the arena. Alan, the only player on Purdue's roster to have been on a team to defeat Jody in a Big Ten game, reportedly told everybody exactly how hard you've got to play to slay the dragon. Word is that the motivational words were like when an old veteran tells the rookies what it's like to play in the Super Bowl. "You live and die on every possession, every pass, every shot, every dribble," Alan might have said. "You've got to play a perfect game. But if we do it, we've got something to tell our grandkids about."

       Purdue hit Jody with a flurry early in the game and got up big. Predictably, however, Jody launched a comeback. As a matter of fact, none of the three Iowa players who had three fouls in the first half fouled out. (Smooth, huh?) Jody and his minions got the lead under ten, but the Boilers somehow held on and closed the door on the darkness that is Jody Sylvester.

       Purdue fans were shocked, amazed, and generally honored to be in attendance that night. In a stirring display of sportsmanship and flat-out respect, the Purdue crowd did not do the 'Over Rated' chant at Jody. Although we are enemies in battle, we can all respect a man who takes such pride in his work. Upon leaving the floor, Jody was rumored to have been a little misty.

       Congratulations to everyone associated with the Purdue men's basketball team for this wonderful accomplishment. Let's all enjoy it, because as we all know, the next streak starts next time. Hoop Ref Analysis