Welcome to NExT: Narration, Examples, and Text for topics in pre-algebra and algebra. Rice began building this guide in late 2014 as a study help available online to anyone who wants to use it to study for a test, catch up after an absence, or replace every minute of time previously spent on friends and hobbies.

   On the previous page, you'll find links to individual guides for each topic that is a part of the East Tipp pre-algebra or algebra curriculum. Like the acronym suggests, the guides will have links to various websites where you can practice the same skills we're studying in math class. Sites may feature narrated examples for you to watch someone else work problems, exercises for you to test your skills, or text for you to read.

   Topics in white boxes primarily belong to pre-algebra students; topics in black boxes primarily belong to algebra students. Topics in gray boxes are common to both courses.

   You are obviously totally capable of searching for your own sites on the web, but using this collection may help you weed out sites that are not at the right difficulty level or not as quite clear as they could be. The sources you'll see most often are

    • Khan Academy: an open-content teaching site maintained by some guys with a dream
    • Math Open Reference: a collection of cool interactive tools from Mr. John Page
    • Purple Math: a collection of explanations of algebra topics from Ms. Elizabeth Stapel
    • Textbook Sites: teaching and practice sites maintained by your textbook publishers (school-issued password sometimes required)
    • TKRice.com: some things that Rice put online
    • East Tipp: materials produced by ETMS students (not always professional quality, but made with love)

   If any of the chosen sites are not quite exactly what we'd like them to be in terms of difficulty or clarity, you'll see a red bar underneath the link; clicking it will give more information about what you might need to know while using the link. A green bar means that the site is a reasonably good fit.

   The project is still very new, so if you don't see a lot of great information in the guides right away, keep checking back. As time goes on, we'll have more and more of it produced by the wonderful humans at East Tipp Middle School. (Could that include you?) If you have any questions or comments about the project, please let Rice know. The current versions of the guides are linked on the previous page ... enjoy!