Past Results of THIS or THAT

ToT 25: Which is longer?

      The number of minutes Kelvin Sampson spent on the phone with Eric Gordon. 82%
      The number of minutes Kelvin Sampson will get on the court from Eric Gordon. 18%

ToT 24: Do you think Coach K's family is required to call him Coach K?

      Yes ... and they must not make eye contact. 73%
      No ... but anyone who does not is assigned demerits. 27%

ToT 23: Does Bruce Weber have irresistible hypnotic power over Purdue assistant coaches?

      Yes ... must ... obey ... Bruce. 61%
      No ... but perhaps over trees and streams. 39%

ToT 22: Should we even bother taking the Bucket to Bloomington this year?

      Yes ... it's always nice to make a sport out of it. 36%
      No ... it's always hard to get that smell out of it. 64%

ToT 21: Who will be first to catch a pass for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2002?

      Antwaan Randle-El 29%
      Chukky Okobi 71%

ToT 20: Which of the following will be the first to coach a winning football team?

      Cam Cameron 9%
      Bob Davie 0%
      Ukari Figgs 91%

ToT 19: Who is the better dancer?

      Chukky Okobi 59%
      Shaun Phillips 41%

ToT 18: Which would you prefer?

      Cam Cameron being named Purdue head football coach 0%
      Bob Knight being named Purdue head basketball coach 0%
      a bullet 100%

ToT 17: Who would you most like to help you out with a hard day of yardwork?

      Kristy Curry 3%
      Gene Keady 28%
      Joe Tiller 69%

ToT 16: Would you rather the Purdue basketball team have a record of 14 - 2 with both losses against IU or 2 - 14 with both wins against IU?

      14 - 2 61%
      2 - 14 39%

ToT 15: If these five antagonists from the Purdue Football Forum had a fight with pool cues, who would win?

      Badgermaniac 8%
      OSU89 0%
      RMKFAN1 5%
      Spartonian Concept 2%
      Trojan Mike 0%
      I'm not sure, but I'll pitch in a coupla pool cues 85%

ToT 14: Which is more likely to be working on January 1, 2000?

      your VCR 8%
      Joe Tiller 92%

ToT 13: What will Ukari Figgs miss most while living in Los Angeles?

      all her friends at Purdue 59%
      the bass fishin' 41%

ToT 12: Should we keep doing 'This or That'?

      Beat that dead horse! 92%
      Let it die with dignity! 8%

ToT 11: Which version of The Truth do you prefer?

    New Look58%
    Old School42%

ToT 10: Which decision was worse?
    The Outback Bowl taking Penn State over Purdue62%
    Paterno accepting the Outback Bowl invitation instead of
           going to the super-cool Alamo Bowl

ToT 9: Who is the better actor in award-winning TV-18 commercials?
    Joe Tiller82%
    Gene Keady18%

ToT 8: Should Notre Dame join the Big Ten Conference?
    Bring It53%
    No, add a more competitive team like Toledo47%

ToT 7: Who would you rather be behind in a buffet line: Ron Dayne or Robert Traylor?
    Ron Dayne59%
    Robert Traylor41%

ToT 6: Who would win a 50-yard dash between Gene Keady and Joe Tiller?
    Gene Keady42%
    Joe Tiller58%

ToT 5: Not that it would ever happen, but who would win a street fight
             between Jim Rowinski and Steve Scheffler?

    Jim Rowinski56%
    Steve Scheffler44%

ToT 4: Who is a better coach: Lou Henson or Jim Colletto?
    Lou Henson81%
    Jim Colletto19%

ToT 3: Which is better: the 'Block P' or the 'Motion P'?
    Block P57%
    Motion P43%

ToT 2: Which design is better, the old Mackey floor or the current Mackey floor?
    Old Floor78%
    New Floor22%

ToT 1: Which is a better name for the new Purdue mascot?
    Puffy Pete98%