An Open Letter to Mexico

       So what's your problem, Mexico?

       Canada has been here. France has been here. Even Bahrain has been here, for Pete's sake. But of approximately 25,000 hits in a year and a half, none have been registered from Mexico. What gives? Are you so much more sophisticated than Brazil that there's nothing here for you to see? Do you realize that Malaysia and Japan are here like once a week?!

       Suppose you're behind the whole absence of Spain thing, too. Typical. You know, much of Central America is looking to you for an example. Is denying them really something you want on your conscience?

       Let's be honest here, M. We don't know if this has been intentional on your part, but we've taken it personally. Quite frankly, it hurts. There; we said it. Listen, if there's something we're not doing, would you please let us know? We're here to bring people together.

       See you soon.

Your friends at GB.c