As of January 25, 2003, ...

The Randy Drury
Atomic Clock

Since defeating Indiana University
on February 25, 1996, only

2525 days

elapsed before Purdue's next
victory in a conference game
officiated by Randy Drury.

     Purdue used many gutty performances, like this one from Austin Parkinson, to overcome a slew of "no-calls" and "incidental contact" on their way to a 69-47 drubbing of Randy Drury and Indiana University. Purdue also got good minutes from Melvin Buckley, who was eleven years old the last time Purdue beat Drury.

     Drury and crew had a tough game plan -- evidenced here by tricks of missing the shove to the lower body of the shooter because they were too focused on ignoring the slap on the arm.

     Purdue was, nevertheless, victorious as shown here in this photo from Speculation runs rampant over the meaning of Keady's gesture here, however. Was it

"This is how many times we've won
in eight tries against Randy!"
, or

"Here's how many real refs
we had today!"
, or

"There's the exits, Randy ... use 'em."

or something else entirely? The world may never know.

February 25, 1996: A Snapshot

Purdue 74, Indiana 72

Officiating Crew: Randy Drury
Ed Hightower
Verl Sell
Purdue Starters:Chad Austin
Brandon Brantley
Herb Dove
Roy Hairston
Porter Roberts
US President:Bill Clinton
Average Price of a Gallon of Gasoline:$1.22
#1 Song:One Sweet Day
     by Mariah Carey & Boys II Men

And the Long, Hard Winters Since ...

January 25, 1997 Minnesota 91, Purdue 68 Randy Drury, Donnee Gray, Paul Janssen
January 16, 1999 Indiana 87, Purdue 76 Randy Drury, Sid Rodehoeffer, Tom Rucker
March 4, 1999 Michigan 79, Purdue 73 Randy Drury, Sam Lichliter, Arnie McDonald
January 26, 2000 Wisconsin 55, Purdue 45 Tom Clark, Randy Drury, Tom Rucker
February 23, 2002 Ohio State 77, Purdue 66 Joe Demato, Randy Drury, Ed Hightower
March 7, 2002 Iowa 87, Purdue 72 Randy Drury, Ed Hightower, Art McDonald
January 25, 2003 Purdue 69, Indiana 47 Ted Hillary, Randy Drury, Sid Rodehoeffer

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