Please Feed the Animals

     Worried about the quality of your tailgate? Let's be honest, friends; who isn't? As luck would have it, we here at are ready to help.

     You know, kids, nothing spells "successful tailgate" like a visit from GB.c will be more than happy to stop by your tailgate and give taste-test approval to any and all of your pregame fuel. (By the way, we specialize in barbecue and have been fully licensed in bratwurst since 1987.) We can schedule an appointment in advance or handle matters on a drop-in basis, whichever meets your needs.

     As part of your approval status, you will be archived in this, the most prestigious vestibule in all the world of tailgate recognition. Yes, this is the GB.c Tailgater's Hall of Fame. Once here, you will be known to all the land as a tailgater to be respected, lauded, and, of course, feared. Please observe silence in respect for those who have given their all for chips and dip.

Michigan Beth and friends
share a tasty samich
with Tom before the game.

Michigan Sue offers
some of her world-famous peanuts
to Jim after the game.

Some nice folks from Florida
sharing a brownie with Super Dan
at the UCF game

It's all about hangin' out
with Leroy's crew