MathCounts Spring Training


    MathCounts Spring Training is an online contest designed to prepare sixth- and seventh-graders for the following year's East Tipp MathCounts Team. From their own homes, contestants download sets of past MathCounts problems online, submit their answers to Mr. Rice, and earn points based on the number of correct answers. Anyone reaching 100 points before the stated deadline earns the updated version of the 'Secrets of ETMC' CD for summer study. Contestants are allowed one set of submissions per day from mid March to mid May.

contest website
samples Samples are available through the contest website.
qualifications Any sixth- or seventh-grade East Tipp student may participate in the contest. Fifth-graders headed to East Tipp have also participated.
xmt points XMT points are not awarded for participation.

XMT points are awarded for performance as follows:
  • One-quarter XMT point is earned for each point scored in MathCounts Spring Training.
  • The maximum number of XMT points awarded in this category caps at 25.
top performers Since the contest began in 2004, the following contestants have reached the 100-point level:
    2016: Travis Gregory, Lynlee Rice
    2015: Lynlee Rice
    2014: Chris Page, Molly Page
    2011: Brooke Cederquist
    2010: Brooke Cederquist
    2008: Andy McIntosh, Eric Thoma
    2006: Lisa Chiba, Kate Sutton
    2005: Rohan Divecha, Cole Weston
    2004: Kevin Barlow, Ashley Courtney, Jon Foster, Alex Kokini, Kazuki Misonou, Cole Weston