MathCounts State


    The MathCounts State Competition in March is open to the top performers at the Chapter competitions in February. The rules and format are identical; the problems are much more difficult. Top performers at the State Finals receive college scholarships and a trip to the National Competition in May.

contest website
samples Samples are available through the contest website.

    Qualifying for State is contingent on individual or team performance at the Chapter competition.

xmt pointsXMT points are not awarded for participation.

XMT points are awarded for performance as follows:
  • The average score of the contestant and the East Tipp team member placing directly above and directly below the contestant is calculated.
  • For a contestant who has no score above or below his, his own score takes the place of the missing score.
  • The contestant is awarded one XMT point for each point in the average.

    As MathCounts is completely a TEAM event at East Tipp, points are awarded as written above to encourage a strong team performance. A perfect score in the individual round is 46.

top performers
33 Kevin Barlow (2005)
31 Eric Thoma (2010)
Eric Thoma (2009)
30Alex Kokini (2006)
Cole Weston (2006)
Jake Foster (1999)

ninth in indiana Jake Foster (1999)
thirteenth in indiana Kevin Barlow (2005)
fourteenth in indiana Frank Rohrer (1996)
eighteenth in indiana Eric Thoma (2010)
Eric Thoma (2009)
twentieth in indiana Jon Foster (2005)