MathCounts School Challenges


    MathCounts School Challenges are designed to bring together students who have some interest in participating in math competitions. Held before school once per week starting in September, each meeting is its own contest between interested sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students. Teams are constructed on the spot out of students who arrive for the day. Each team works together on a set of math problems in a fast-paced contest for bragging rights. The final week of challenges is actually dedicated to an individual test to determine the school's MathCounts competing team.

contest website
samples Samples are available through the contest website.
qualifications Any sixth-, seventh-, or eighth-grade East Tipp student may participate in the contest.
xmt points XMT points are awarded for participation as follows:
  • Six XMT points are earned for each week of attendance.
  • A bonus XMT point is awarded for perfect attendance.
XMT points are not awarded for performance.
top performers Since the contest began in 1992, several students have recorded perfect attendance.