MathCounts Daily Quizzes


    The MathCounts Daily Quiz is a training device built by Mr. Rice used to practice basic MathCounts skills. There are four quizzes, arranged in order of difficulty. As a student passes one ten-minute quiz, he moves to the next. After all four are completed, he moves back to the first, but with nine minutes this time. Students continue down the ladder in this fashion until they hit the wall.

contest websiteThere is no website; the quizzes are available on the ETMC CD.
samplesActual quizzes are available on the ETMC CD.
qualificationsThe MathCounts Daily Quiz is open to any member of the ET MathCounts Team
xmt points XMT points are not awarded for participation.

XMT points are awarded for performance as follows:
  • One XMT point is awarded for each quiz defeated.
  • The maximum number of XMT points awarded in this category is 40.
top performers The following are the top performances since the quiz was developed in 2008-2009:

last quiz defeated
Ben Anthony (2013)
Teja Kakani (2013)
Kourtney Sigo (2014)
Kendall Rice (2020)
Jacob Tilton (2023)
Jacob Tilton (2024)
Morgen Weathers (2024)
Jaden Diehl (2024)
Jon Hillery (2014)
Eric Thoma (2009)
Eric Thoma (2010)
Lynlee Rice (2016)
Ben Anthony (2011)
Ben Anthony (2012)
Andy McIntosh (2009)
Chris Page (2015)
Sam Schmalzried (2010)