MCAA Tournament


    The MCAA Tournament is an intramural mathematics tournament held in April and May for East Tipp students. Students compose their own teams of four: each team must have at least one seventh-grade student, at least one sixth-grade student, and no more than one eighth-grade algebra student. The teams split into pairs and work on a multiple-choice math test. The top scoring teams move on each week until a champion is declared.

contest website
samples Tests are generally taken from previous administrations of the Indiana Math League Contest.

    Any East Tipp student is welcomed to compete, as long as teams are formed within the guidelines of the contest.

xmt points XMT points are awarded for participation and performance as follows:
  • Six XMT points are earned for each round of participation.
  • An absent student will not score points in a round even if his team participates without him.
Depending on the number of teams enrolled, MCAA Tournaments usually last six rounds.

top performers 2024 Champion: the Not-So-Tilty Loopholes
  Michael Cserep, Ethan Dowers, Jacob Tilton

2023 Champion: the Tilty Loopholes
  Jaden Diehl, Felix Jones, Jacob Tilton, Morgen Weathers

2022 Champion: Super Soccer Moms
  Jaden Diehl, Cade Larabee, Joshua Meister, Morgen Weathers

2021 Champion: Chunky Chihuahua
  Jerad Diehl, Antonio Figueras, Cade Larabee, Jackson Mills

2020 Champion: Nuclear Wombats
  Clay Meister, Joshua Meister, Kendall Rice, Seth VanHoosier

2019 Champion: It's Still Kevin!
  Maria Aboujaoude, Kreeya Patel, Kendall Rice, Michael Schick

2018 Champion: Lettuce Boat
  Aiden Dunk, Gabe Hutcheson, Kendall Rice, Michael Schick

2017 Champion: Three-Sided Rhombus
  Aiden Dunk, Travis Gregory, Quincy Tordil, Michael Schick

2016 Champion: Soup Ladling Slashers
  Jack Barnett, Travis Gregory, Albert Quigley, Lynlee Rice

2015 Champion: Steve Irwin's Crocodile Hunters
  Matthew Beeler, Jerrick Mennen, Albert Quigley, Matthew Roberts

2014 Champion: Christopher Cross' Algae-Rithms
  Jessica Gregory, Jon Hillery, Nick Nolte, Chris Page

2013 Champion: The Arthritic Sequences
  Jon Hillery, Carl Landskron, Chris Page, Noah Wert

2012 Champion: The Three Mustardteers
  Brooke Cederquist, Jon Hillery, Teja Kakani, Carl Landskron

2011 Champion: Future Carl's Pizza Toppings
  Ben Anthony, Brooke Cederquist, Jordan Kipp, Carl Landskron

2010 Champion: Mem
  Brooke Cederquist, Jordan Kipp, Eric Thoma, Austin White

2009 Champion: He's Going Down
  David Beardmore, Spencer Davidson, Chirag Divecha, Andy McIntosh

2008 Champion: Gorgeous Fish
  Lisa Chiba, Lexi Eiler, Andy McIntosh, Dylan Underhill

2007 Champion: The Drury Inn
  Austin Bailey, Hunter Martin, Andy McIntosh, Justin Woods

2006 Champion: Pappy's
  Patrick Alkire, Alex Kokini, Kate Sutton, Justin Woods

2005 Champion: Country Bob's All Purpose Steak Sauce
  Kevin Barlow, Jessica Hoffman, Alex Kokini, Justin Woods

2004 Champion: Tumbleweed
  Kevin Barlow, Jon Foster, Alex Kokini, Lexi Steinweg-Woods

2003 Champion: Skeletal Pumpkin Jam
  Kevin Barlow, Molly Kirleis, Lexi Steinweg-Woods, Nao Tona

2002 Champion: Grandma s Little Boys
  Nick Anderson, Brandon Bowditch, David DeLong, Brett Marshall

2001 Champion: Young Children Fear Us
  Lauren Schraut, Laura Smith, Ariel Steinweg-Woods, Alison Templeton

2000 Champion: Duh! Six Minutes!
  Jen Bollenbacher, Julia Phillips, Ariel Steinweg-Woods, Scott Wiedenhoeft

1999 Champion: It's All About Shortridge
  Jake Foster, Ryan Shortridge, Ariel Steinweg-Woods, Jesse Steinweg-Woods

1998 Champion: The Cubic Yardbirds
  JM Downey, Jack Firestone, Jake Foster, Julie Phillips

1997 Champion: Idiot Savants
  Justin Baker, Eric Fields, Jack Firestone, Matt Higdon

1996 Champion: Tyard Fireman
   Jack Firestone, Tyler Koontz, Richard Miller, Julie Ruckman

1995 Champion: Quadratic Force
  Casey Hudson, Elizabeth Springs, Kent Weatherwax, Mark Zonneveld