Indiana Math League


    The IML Test is given in the advanced classes of each grade at East Tipp. The contest comes in different versions appropriate for each grade level, so each grade functions as a separate contest. The test is a forty-question test given during the school day in February. As the contest is given state-wide, state rankings are also available.

contest website
samples Samples are available through the contest website.
qualifications The contest is given during a period of advanced math class in the regular school day. However, if we have registered for more tests than we have advanced math students, other students will often be invited to compete as well.
xmt points XMT points are not awarded for participation.

XMT points are awarded for performance at a rate of one point per contest point.

top performers Mr. Rice's experience with East Tipp and the eighth-grade IML began in February 1993.

40 David Beardmore (2010)
Kevin Barlow (2005)
38 Jake Foster (1999)
Frank Rohrer (1996)
37 Eric Thoma (2010)
Rusty McIntosh (2006)
Brett Courtney (2002)
Matt Popovich (1994)