The Hall of Fame

it could be you!

antonio figueras
2022 champion

seth vanhoosier
2021 champion

the quarantine quad
2020 champion

kendall rice
2019 champion

aiden dunk
2018 champion

lynlee rice
2017 champion

albert quigley
2016 champion

chris page
2015 champion

chris page
2014 champion

carl landskron
2013 champion

ben anthony
2012 champion

jordan kipp
2011 champion

eric thoma
2010 champion

eric thoma
2009 champion

   The black and white photos following this message represent mythical champions. It's not that the people are mythical; it's that there was no XM Tour at East Tipp during these years. These are the best estimates, according to Rice's records, as to who would have been the champion had there been a tournament. Keep in mind that many other students not represented here would have totally tried harder had they known how much was to truly be at stake.

andy mcintosh
2008 champion

patrick stefaniak
2007 champion

alex kokini
2006 champion

kevin barlow
2005 champion

jon foster
2004 champion

jake spitznagle
2003 champion

jevin sweval
2002 champion

ariel steinweg-woods
2001 champion

julia phillips
2000 champion

jake foster
1999 champion

jack firestone
1998 champion

jonathan bartholomew
1997 champion

frank rohrer
1996 champion

kent weatherwax
1995 champion

matt popovich
1994 champion

sarah harper
1993 champion