American Mathematics Competitions 8


    The AMC<8 Test is sponsored by American Mathematics Competitions. That group also runs a very popular test given to high school kids. The test is a twenty-five question test given during the school day in November. Although the test is multiple choice, very few students break 20. The contest is given all over the world, so when it has concluded, global rankings are available.

contest website
samples Samples are available through the contest website.

The contest is given during a period of Algebra class in the regular school day. However, if we have registered for more tests than we have Algebra students, other students will be invited to compete as well.

xmt points XMT points are not awarded for participation.

XMT points are awarded for performance at a rate of two points per contest point.

top performers East Tipp began giving the AMC<8 in November 2000.

24 Eric Thoma (2009)
23 Chris Page (2014)
Ben Anthony (2012)
22 Jon Hillery (2013)
Andy McIntosh (2008)
Eric Thoma (2008)
Kevin Barlow (2004)
Lexi Steinweg-Woods (2002)