date:2020 - 2022 Champion
video size:18 M
description: The COVID-19 shutdown and ensuing withdrawedness destroyed these contests
... but you should totally enjoy this video instead!

author:Sophie Schick
date:2019 Champion
video size:18 M
description: It counts ... and it does!                                 

author:Thomas Burgess
date:2018 Champion
video size:86 M
description: Thomas says ... it helps you with math!                 

author:Adam Schick
date:2017 Champion
video size:30 M
description: Adam fulfills all your multiplication table needs.

author:Ali Sorg
date:2016 Champion
video size:7 M
description: Ali tiptoes past her classmates for this masterpiece.

author:Nick Nolte
date:2015 Champion
video size:117 M
description: Nick produces a quarter-free version of Space Invaders.

author:Kamryn Robinson
date:2014 Champion
video size:5.9 M
description: Kamryn produces the world's most complicated subtraction machine.

author:Carl Landskron
date:2013 Champion
video size:186 M
description: Carl provides an algebra tutor, complete with an unnecessary loading screen.

author:Carl Landskron
date:2012 Champion
video size:78 M
description: Carl gives you a little bit of everything, including a 'Reflex Tester.'

author:Michael Wallpe
date:2011 Champion
video size:15 M
description: Michael's program revolutionizes the field combining a kindergarten guessing game with intense TRS graphics.