Each entry is described below in full and accompanied by a video of its output.

    When reviewing the entries, each judge on the panel has exactly three computers of honor to award to the entire field. The judge may choose to spread those among one, two, or three contestants. These computers may be realigned as new entries are received, or as tastes change. (Please note: Mr. Stalker has been given the liberty of a fourth computer of honor in recognition of his role as the genesis of the project, both in 1982 and 2011; Carl Landskron has a second set of three computers by virtue of his back-to-back programming contest victories.)

    If an entry lingers on the board for a considerable time without earning a computer of honor from any of the judges, the webmaster reserves the right to remove the entry and store it safely in the school media center where you can hope to dig it out 29 years later.

    Because not every member of the judging panel will review entries the moment they become available, a chart will appear at the bottom of this page giving the last evaluation date for each member of the panel. This will enable contestants to discern if their entries are merely undiscovered or purposefully shunned.

author:Thomas Burgess
upload date:February 15, 2018
video size:86 M
description: Thomas says ... it helps you with math!

author:Jack Routsong
upload date:December 4, 2017
video size:108 M
description: I hope you studied ... it's the math test!

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