how can i raise it?

    If you've followed through to this point, you've seen how Rice's grades are weighted, learned how to calculate scores for each of your five categories, and discovered how to meaningfully compare your progress to your goals in order to find your areas of weakness. So ... how can you raise your grade?

    If you've found that your weakness is in your homework, you've just got to do it every day. Start it before you leave class, do a little more before you leave school, and finish it up at night. Bring any problems you couldn't solve to Rice the next day ... but don't give up on problems without giving them your full effort. Make sure you listen when other people ask questions, even if you think you've got it covered. And above all, do the homework as if you're practicing an important skill, not as if you're just trying to have something that looks done.

    If you've found that your weakness is in your quizzes and tests, there's a bunch you can do; check this out. It's a lot to read, but it will do you a lot of good.

    If you've found that your weakness is in your notebook, you're in luck ... because that's an easy thing to fix. Keep those papers! Keep them corrected as they are returned to you. Maybe ask a friend if he'd like to organize with you.

    If you've found that your weakness is in your participation, you should stop kicking Rice in the face, or whatever you're doing. Remember, I'm not going to count how many times you raise your hand, but I will keep track of how many times you are making it hard for people around you to learn. Do your job, and you'll be fine.

    What if your grade isn't where you want it to be, but you don't have a single area that's a glaring weakness? I'd suggest that you focus on improving your homework. If you do a little bit better job on it, everything else has a tendency to come up with it.

    Like I've written in other places, I can give you more specific advice if we talk in person ... but I hope this page is the start for you to see more clearly where your weaknesses are. Good luck on making yourself even more awesome!