east tipp middle school
talent show tryout form

     Thank you for your interest in the East Tipp Talent Show. Tryouts for this year's show will be held in the choir room after school on Monday, November 19. Your ride should be at school to pick you up by 4:45pm. Picking up at the gym doors would be best.

     As you make your plans for tryouts, you should know that we welcome a variety of acts. In the past, we've had singing, dancing, comedy, karate, skits, instrumentals, juggling, and lots of other things that I wouldn't even know how to describe. We do not, however, have lip-synching or anything that Mr. Rice's grandmother would find disgusting. Confusing, yes ... but disgusting, no.

     Your best chance for making it into the show will come if you make a good presentation at tryouts. This means you should rehearse, have all members of your group present, and bring any and all props or costumes you need. Otherwise, the judges may cut you from the show lineup. If time permits, you may be allowed to audition more than one act. If you would like to register another act, fill out a new form for each act.

     In order to make the show most memorable for everyone, we must keep the contents of the show a secret. Please DO NOT SHARE your plans for the show with anyone. Thank you for your understanding.

     In order to be considered for the show, this form must be submitted by 8pm on November 18. Late forms will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please ask Mr. Rice. Good luck at tryouts!

Is your computer having trouble submitting this form? Email Rice the same information.