To be honest, we were all pretty stinking proud of the Wiggins Heads solution; it was mathematically legit, but also contained a strong mix of out-of-the-box thinking, real-world methodology, and smarmy smart-alecedness. More than any other part of this adventure, we absolutely couldn't wait to see Dr. Wiggins' response.

   But wait, we did.

   Every time we sent something to Dr. Wiggins, we always told ourselves to be patient; that's one busy dude. After two weeks without a peep, however, it looked like it was time to break out the "maybe we should just be thankful for where we've already been" speech. Frankly, we all knew that we were playing with house money at that point.

   We prepared ourselves to be done ... but had in our pocket one last trick that might rekindle the project.

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