Soon thereafter, this hit our inbox:

Tom & kids:

   My 'package' arrived today - what a great treat! You guys are the best. I am honored.

   Tom, do you have any cool projects / inquiries coming up in the next few weeks? We'd like to get our videographer out to your school to make you and your kids duly famous. We can be flexible - just name a good two-day period where there would be cool stuff going on and a chance to interview you and kids.

   As we learned in some follow-up emails (emails that were necessary for us to determine that this was not a joke or a sting operation), Dr. Wiggins thought that some footage of kids in our class doing a fun project around traditional algebra or geometry topics might work well as an example in his national seminars and online courses.

   So ... us? What should we tell Dr. Wiggins, kids?

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